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2015 Fantasy Football Mock Draft

Round 1 of my 2015 Fantasy Football Draft

1. LeVeon Bell

2. Matt Forte

3. Jamal Charles

4. Eddie Lacy

5. Marshawn Lynch

6. CJ Anderson

7. Demarco Murray

8. Odell Beckham Jr

9. Arian Foster

10. Aaron Rodgers

Round 2 of my 2015 Fantasy Football Draft

11. LeSean McCoy

12. Jeremy Hill

13. Dez Bryant

14. Demaryius Thomas

15. Rob Gronkowski

16. Antonio Brown

17. Calvin Johnson

18. Julio Jones

19. Jimmy Graham

20. AJ Green

Are you surprised that Aaron Rodgers is the only QB drafted in the first two rounds of my mock draft? What about the fact that Odell Beckham Jr somehow was selected in the first round? With a number of different fantasy football draft strategies in place here (including the Zero RB draft strategy by Team 8, you might be surprised to see how things end up when the entire 2015 fantasy football mock draft is complete.